Photographing Tattoo Artists


One of my first projects at University was based on the theme of Identity. After speaking to a variety of different people about how they choose to express their identity, tattoos was something that stuck out to me the most and wanted to explore.

Through trial and error, my project had changed it direction several times. The end product of my work aimed to experiment in showing the identity of the person behind the tattoos. The majority of tattoos often have a form of meaning behind the artwork, which may represent the individual interests, hobbies or even a particular moment in their life. By photographing the tattoo artists, I captured the personalities of the artists who create a sense of identity for their clients which stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Here are a few of the photographs that were submitted for this project:

tattoo project

tattoo project 1

tattoo project 2

tattoo project 3

A special thank you to Triple Ace Tatto Studio and Evermore Tattoo Parlour (Bedford) for all of their help throughout the project and for allowing me to photograph their artists!

Hope you enjoyed reading!


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