World Para Athletics Championships, London 2017

London takes centre stage again for Paralympic sport!

Currently, around 1,300 athletes are taking part in the eighth edition of the World Para Athletics Championships. With 213 medals to fight for, athletes from 100 different countries are competing to become World Paralympic Champions.

London 2017 marks the first time the event has been held back-to-back with the IAAF equivalent. The competition was previously known as the IPC Athletics World Championships prior to 2017.

Taking place between 14-23 July 2017, the competition is held in the iconic London Stadium in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the same venue that staged athletics events during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

These Championships mark the first major international Championships since the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games where athletes set an impressive 69 world records.

As a disabled athlete myself, I have been very fortunate to be able to know a few of the athletes who have been selected to compete. I attended the evening session of the opening night (Friday 14th July) and instantly regretted not taking my camera. It was one of those scenarios of I wanted to enjoy the event and the atmosphere rather than being glued to my camera the whole time. I’ve learnt from past experiences that sometimes you have to enjoy the moment, rather than capturing it!

However, yesterday (Monday 17th July), one of my friends was selected to compete in the T20 long jump and I knew I had to go along and support. This time I made sure I took my camera!

With the London Stadium as the perfect backdrop for these events, there was no better time to have my first attempt at sports photography. Although I was limited to where I could go to get the best angles, I’m quite happy with the way some of the photos turned out.

With my Nikon D3200 and Tamron 70-300mm lens, here are some of my favourite photographs that I took from the day.

Athlete – Martina Barber T20 (Learning Impairment)

martina lg 3


martina lj 1




martina lg 4


martina lj 5


martina lg


Livvy Breen T38 (athletes with cerebral palsy or/and coordination impairments)

livvy breen 1


livvy breen


livvy breen 2


Vanessa Wallace F34 (Athletes with moderate to severe hypertonia in both legs with significant difficulty in standing balance and walking).

nessa 1




Unfortunately, I realised once I began editing some of the photographs that they are a little too dark. The photographs on the camera are often brighter than the photographs when they are blown up on the computer. However, next time I do sports photography I’ll be able to adapt the settings slightly to reduce the darkness.

Upon further reflection, I also wished I had zoomed out a little more on some other shots to be able to get the whole body in. In some of the photographs, I missed out on getting the feet in, which would improve the photographs.

Hope that you enjoyed reading!


If you are interested in watching the events:

Each day’s competition will be live-streamed via

Tickets available here from just £10! I strongly recommend if you can to go, you won’t be disappointed!


If you would be interested in me writing another blog just about disability/disability sport, please comment below or message me on the contact page!



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